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Enabling full compliance, monitoring, and protection of you and your data throughout your cloud migration journey.

Data Watchdog is a data enablement suite designed to provide business users with an end-to-end data solution. Within any organisation, Human Resources data contains some of the most sensitive data; with strict requirements for the correct handling and usage of this data, Data Watchdog can be deployed to ensure the correct handling and management of any restrictions.

Our Product

The Challenge

Undertaking cloud migration can be a challenging and highly costly task for many enterprises; these difficulties arise from conflicting compliance and regulatory requirements when operating between varying data environments.

Moreover, once your data is collated in a sole cloud environment, differing requirements, depending on location and data type, can lead to further challenges in storing and distributing assets, in a compliant manner.

WCKD RZR's Solution

Data Watchdog's policy enforcement engine is a central, built-in feature of Data Watchdog, ensuring full compliance in your cloud migration through:

Organisations can deploy Data Watchdog to not only enhance and expedite their data catalogue construction but also ensure the secure and compliant handling of the large amounts of data handled in the construction process.

WCKD RZR Use Cases

Data Watchdog is a versatile data enablement suite. Our product provides a complete solution to a number of domains facing differing challenges through our three main processes; Find, Govern, and Access. Discover more about how our product can be the solution to your challenges.

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