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Utilising Data Watchdog, to ensure the correct handling of MNPI.

Data Watchdog is a data enablement suite designed to provide business users with an end-to-end data solution. Internal controls and external regulation within Investment Banking is vital; the correct handling of MNPI is both an ethical and financial challenge, explore how Data Watchdog can ensure full compliance in this sensitive area.

Our Product

The Challenge

Public versus Private information within Investment Banking is an evergreen issue. Regulation within this field has always been costly and uncompromising, as data becomes more widespread and prevalent in processes, this challenge only becomes more severe.

WCKD RZR's Solution

Data Watchdog's Policy Enforcement Engine is a watertight central governance point for all data requests and accesses within your Investment Banking division. Ensure full compliance with public and private information handling through:

Data Watchdog's policy enforcement engine is designed to provide any organisation the ability to centrally apply and enforce any data access policy and regulation. Investment Banks can now deploy Data Watchdog to ensure the correct and secure handling of their sensitive data challenge.

WCKD RZR Use Cases

Data Watchdog is a versatile data enablement suite. Our product provides a complete solution to a number of domains facing differing challenges through our three main processes; Find, Govern, and Access. Discover more about how our product can be the solution to your challenges.

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