Policy Enforcement

Enabling full compliance, monitoring, and protection of you and your data.

Data Watchdog is a data enablement suite designed to provide business users with an end-to-end data solution. As the myriad of internal data policies and external data regulations grow increasingly entangled and complex to apply to equally complex data estates, learn how Data Watchdog can provide end-to-end compliance on all data accesses.

Our Product

The Challenge

Internal policy and external data regulation are becoming increasingly complex to apply and comply with for large organisations. This challenge for organisations threatens huge fines for failure to comply and, conversely, huge departmental costs in ensuring full compliance.

WCKD RZR's Solution

Data Watchdog's policy enforcement engine is a central, built-in feature of Data Watchdog, ensuring full compliance through these tools:

With Data Watchdog's active governance, organisations no longer need to allocate needless budgets to manually enforce case-by-case compliance.

WCKD RZR Use Cases

Data Watchdog is a versatile data enablement suite. Our product provides a complete solution to a number of domains facing differing challenges through our three main processes; Find, Govern, and Access. Discover more about how our product can be the solution to your challenges.

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