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At WCKD RZR we understand the complexities of the constantly evolving data and technology landscapes; this is why we deeply appreciate the value in developing and nurturing partnerships and relationships with industry leaders across the field.

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Our partnerships not only enhance our processes but also utilise our own capabilities to create better products for our users. Discover how a partnership with WCKD RZR can take you and your business to the forefront of your industry.

Data Watchdog is a versatile tool for solving a variety of challenges, this diverse application of the suite is enhanced by our key partnerships with industry-leading teams. Data Watchdog as a product is designed in full compatibility with any data environment, including any and all accompanying data process enhancement tools. The diverse applicability of Data Watchdog's unique processes allows the suite to not only operate alongside other tools but also enhance the application and processes of these tools.

Explore partnerships with WCKD RZR to not only enhance your existing data processes but also in facilitating the development of your business and growth.

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Data Watchdog

Data Watchdog is a data enablement suite which operates as an easy-to-use and fully compliant unified data discovery and access point; the suite can be operated on any data pipeline without editing or affecting the source data.

  • Find your data from any source. At the Data Discovery stage, connecting to any database and tagging/organising it for use, without editing the original metadata.
  • Govern your data's usage. Performing active enforcement and monitoring of all data requests and usage, in line with prescribed limits and regulations.
  • Access your data in one place. Data Now acts as a fully unified access point, providing users with compliant access to relevant data resources. Whilst Supermarket allows for data browsing.

Discover how a partnership with WCKD RZR can leverage Data Watchdog's capabilities and help us both enhance our products.

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