Data Watchdog

The Data Enablement Suite that unlocks the potential of your organisation’s data, providing a universal access point for immediate compliant access to any data asset within your organisation.

Our Solutions


The Data Discovery stage, connecting to any database tagging and organising the data for further deployment, without editing the original metadata.

Data Watchdog will connect to any data environment, be it on-premise or on-cloud, and deploy our Intelligent Indexing to help understand, map, and indetify your data assets.


Performing active enforcement and monitoring of all data requests and usage, in line with prescribed limits and regulations.

As data regulations and policies become increasingly convoluted, Data Watchdog's real-time Policy Enforcement Engine will allow organisations the ability to ensure fully compliant data access across the whole data pipeline. Our Data Cloaking tool ensures the right people are shown the right data, without editing or moving the source data. This security is further ensured by the active Supervision tool, allowing for full monitoring and recording of all data access.


Data Now acts as a fully unified access point, providing users compliant access to relevant data resources. Whilst Supermarket allows for data browsing.

Through Data Watchdog's access portal, Data Now, business users are enabled instant compliant access to any data asset across the organisations data estate.

Our Tools

Intelligent Indexing

Data Watchdog connects to all your databases to collate and visualise your data. Our proprietary ML auto-tagging tool augments your organisation’s data catalogues for intelligent and efficient access.

Data Now

Find and access all your data in a single place. Our Data Now front enables you to browse data assets, through the Data Supermarket, or request any data source from across your organisation, with instant access.

Policy Enforcement

Whether you access your data through your usual applications or through our supermarket, Our policy enforcement tool manages compliance to all your data governance policies for all data requests from one place.

Data Cloaking

Manage the privacy of your data with our selection of unique data cloaking techniques. Data Watchdog doesn’t touch, transform or duplicate your original data sources.


Our supervision module provides you a selection of dashboards, alerts, and reporting tools to allow you to monitor how your data is being used.