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Universal Access Point

Discover how Data Watchdog can be deployed to any data estate and instantly provide a universal data access point to all data assets needed.

Universal Access Point to your Data Assets

Cloud Migration

Appropriate data access control is the number one concern for enterprises considering migrating to the cloud. Data Watchdog can ensure consistency of data access and security throughout your Cloud Migration journey.

Cloud Migration Facilitation with Data Watchdog

Investment Banking

Internal controls and external regulation within Investment Banking is vital; the correct handling of MNPI is both an ethical and financial challenge. Explore how Data Watchdog can ensure full compliance in this sensitive area.

Investment Banking Regulation and Compliance Management

Policy Enforcement

As the myriad of internal data policies and external data regulations grow increasingly entangled and complex to apply to equally complex data estates, learn how Data Watchdog can provide end-to-end compliance on all data accesses.

Policy Enforcement through Data Watchdog

Data Science & Analytics

Enable analysts, globally, to access and utilise any data asset they require in their tasks. Data Watchdog also provides a platform for the creation and sharing of datasets for collaboration on data assets in further workflows.

Data Watchdog enhancing analytics and collaboration.

Human Resources

Within any organisation, Human Resources data contains some of the most sensitive data; with strict requirements for the correct handling and usage of this data, Data Watchdog can be deployed to ensure the correct handling and management of any restrictions.

Data Watchdog ensuring secure HR Data

Collibra Catalogue Construction

WCKD RZR's new partnership with Collibra can benefit all users of the Catalogue, regardless of what stage they are at. Explore how Data Watchdog can be deployed to further enhance your utilisation of Collibra.

Explore our Collibra Partnership

Data Mesh

Data Mesh is a decentralised approach to enterprise data architecture. This concept provides end-user domain teams the ability to perform cross-domain analysis within the bounds of their own capabilities.

Institute a data mesh approach through data watchdog