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We all know enterprise data is a nightmare. Fragmented, difficult to access, more risk and regulation than ever. It’s hard to even know what data you have.

Our greatest resource becomes fragmented, dormant and inaccessible.

How much faster could you grow, if you could instantly and easily find, understand and use every piece of data?

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All your data, cleansed at your fingertips.

DATA NOW is the first and only platform in the world which gives you instant, single-point-of-access for your entire data estate.

Connect to all your on-prem and cloud databases in minutes. Then instantly access all your databases in a searchable, cleansed, unified and governed environment. (Finally!).

All your data, in one place, at your fingertips. Secure, compliant and complete.

Discover the data revolution today.

Installed in minutes.
No data duplication.
Connects to any database.


DATA NOW is installed in minutes and offers a universal database connector for all on-prem and cloud databases.

Intelligent indexing maps and auto-labels all data for immediate use, without ever touching the original metadata.

All your data is instantly available in a single, searchable tool.


DATA NOW revolutionizes data governance by automating policy enforcement and enabling centralized field-level controls.

Intelligent access protections ensures secure, compliant access with real-time cloaking.

Comprehensive monitoring and logging of all access requests and actions turbocharges cyber security.


DATA NOW allows unified data access to all your data through a single search. No data movement required.

Enterprise-wide collaboration features for sharing, commenting and discussing data.

Set time-based access rules to empower project teams without the risk of any data falling into the wrong hands.

One platform. Pain free. Works in minutes.

Save millions in data management expenses.
Instantly have your entire data estate at your fingertips.
Effortlessly automate governance procedures.
Turbocharge your
cyber security.

DATA NOW in action for global enterprises

Instant data integration of a transformational acquisition.
Instant data access and seamless cloud migration.
Commercialisation of cyber security product.
Creation of a global
data marketplace.

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