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Don't pick between the cloud and your on-prem or legacy systems - we've got you covered for both.

We connect your users to your data. No big data migrations, no one-size-fits-all. It's still your data, but at it's full potential.

Govern from a single control panel

We give you a single control panel to make your complex data governance tasks easy.

From global-scale data sharing rules to internal business policies; we've got your back.

Access all your data

Find new insights and explore your data through the Data Now dashboard, or jump right in where you left off with your favourite BI tooling.

Four Steps to your Data Now

Connect your data sources

Link each data source to the Data Now environment; our proprietary AI intelligently spiders and catalogues without copying, modifying, or duplicating source data.

Add compliance

Our compliance engine runs on highly configurable rules, with three easy steps:

1. Set the coverage for what data the rule will apply to

2. Choose how the rule is applied, from: 'Perimt', 'Redact', 'Mask', and more.

3. Select the users the rule will apply to, individually or by groups.


Leverage our intelligent search across your data estate to locate assets or data sources, then Launch queries from the Data Now dashboard, or your BI tooling of choice, while all compliance rulesets are applied in real-time.

Intelligent data cloaking means users never access data they're not supposed to see.

Package new assets

Turn your queries into pre-packaged data assets to be shared with other users for enterprise-wide collaboration.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

What advantage is there using Data Now instead of a cloud vendor or other Data Platform solution?

Well we have no vendor lock-in for a start!

We're cloud-agnostic, and can run anywhere you keep your data. Run us on cloud on on-prem, just point us to where you keep your data.

Does the product work with databases hosted both on-premise and in the cloud?

Yes. This is a core feature of the product.

The product uses our proprietary AI to integrate with customers' entire data estate, whatever form, environment or location that it's in.

What databases does the product integrate with?

Our solution is designed to integrate with and support all mainstream databases.

Hopefully we've covered all the bases, but if you have a key database that we're yet to support, we'll build the connectivity to support it.

What authentication services do you integrate with?

We have standard integrations for LDAP, Active Directory and Azure AD; and are continuously adding more.

We can build custom connectors for any specific authentication scheme.

Can the product dynamically tokenise or mask data when it is viewed by specific users or applications?

Yes. This is a core feature of the product.

Data Now's policy enforcement engine authenticates the user and ensures that they are only able to access data that they are entitled to, in compliance with all policies.

Is the solution envisaged for operational access or ad-hoc data mining?

Both. The product is designed to be a unified solution for instant, real-time data access across the entire estate.

We are a read-only solution to provide full assurance over data security. Data writing capability to be explored in further developments to the product, subject to demand.

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