Introducing DataNOW
Complete real-time data at your fingertips. Instantly.

Unlock the true value of your data

We passionately believe in the benefits of true data availability. Too much of the world's data remains dormant and inaccessible.

Our mission is to unlock its true potential.

We use AI to let organisations have their entire real-time data estate at their fingertips. Instantly. Seamless discovery and centralised governance. All accessible in a simple, searchable format.

It works in minutes... right out of the box. Just connect and search.

Trusted by industry-leading partners

The worlds first truly end-to-end data enablement solution

Access to complete, real-time data should be the standard for organisations of any size. For many, it's an almost impossible task. Until now.

We have built a solution that does just that. Instantly.

No need for large-scale transformation programmes or puzzle-piece products. Just one, simple, end-to-end solution.

Have all your data at your fingertips in an instant. No matter how complex the data estate - just connect and search.

It's pretty WCKD.

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Our universal database connector seamlessly connects to all databases (on-premise and cloud).

Proprietary AI intelligently spiders and indexes your entire estate in minutes, without ever needing to touch the source.

Full security. Always.


Frictionless dynamic governance from a centralised portal.

Instantly apply governance policies across any segment of your data estate.

Full compliance. Everywhere.


Simply search for the data you want and access your entire estate, in real-time.

Intelligent data cloaking means users never access data they're not supposed to see.

Complete data. Instantly.

Vast use cases. Endless possibilities.

Universal Data Access

Cloud Migration Support

Centralised Policy Enformencement

Universal Data Privacy

Data Science & Analytics

Secure Data Collaboration

M&A Integration

Collibra Catalogue Construction