Unlocking the Potential of the Worlds Data

United in our mission

At WCKD RZR we are passionate about our mission to help unlock the potential of the world’s data. Whether it’s to help organisations solve their biggest challenges through data or helping educate the next generation by enabling them to access data easily. We believe that data is fundamental.

Creative Disruption

In order to create a revolution you need an organisation that isn’t afraid to disrupt the status quo. We’re building a workplace where people are encouraged to unleash their creativity and to think differently.

Power of the team

Its an old adage but still true to this day, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. We know that that the best outcomes are the result of collaboration and seeing challenges from different points of view. We believe strongly that everybody contributes, there are no passengers.

Well Being

At WCKD RZR we genuinely care about your well being. Whether its through flexible working, bringing your dog to work or our flexible benefits packages, these are but a few of the ways that we strive to put your well being first.

At WCKD RZR, we live by four core values


It's not a job, it's a revolution.


Build things that change people's lives.


You own this business, the buck stops with you.


The WCKD RZR experience should be frictionless.

Working at WCKD RZR

Stock Options

Share our success with stock options; so when WCKD RZR does well, your hard work will be repaid.

Pension Contributions

Build for the future with pension contributions.

Personal Tech Budget

In a world of flexible working, WCKD RZR will provide you with a personal tech budget to prepare you to work at high standards both in and away from the office.

Parental Leave

Integrate WCKD RZR into your life plans, as Parental Leave allows you to put family first.

Bring your dog to work

Enjoy office life with two resident Frenchies, always excited to meet new friends.


Maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle, a Gym pass will allow you access to a number of first-class gyms and health clubs in the area.

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