Lead Generation Specialist

Full Time

WCKD RZR are looking for an experienced, intuitive, and interpersonal Lead Generation Specialist.

We’re an early-stage start up set to innovate and disrupt a multi-billion dollar market with our software platform. We have a small team of dedicated professionals working to set up an intelligent automated tool to allow companies to manage data privacy, sharing and ethics; by incorporating a company’s data sharing rules, jurisdictional privacy rules, privacy frameworks, business rules and data and ai ethics frameworks together into one tool, the data watchdog. This tool saves organisations thousands of hours and allows them to protect data down to the attribute/field level in an internet age that has brought increasing concerns about data protection for businesses and individuals.

As an early-stage start up we have a small team, as such, we hope you can take the initiative and ownership as you integrate your own ideas and strategies to the role.

Key Responsibilities:

Desired Experience and Skills:

The ideal candidate will:


How to apply

To apply for this job, email your details to careers@wckdrzr.com.