WCKD RZR and Collibra seal key data technology partnership

Published 14 June 2022

London, England – WCKD RZR, the pioneering Data Enablement software startup, has forged a key technology partnership with leading Data Intelligence firm, Collibra.

The new agreement will provide customers of both businesses with a seamlessly integrated global data technology solution, accelerating data discovery and streamlining data mapping and cataloguing through machine learning.

WCKD RZR’s Data Enablement software, Data Watchdog, unlocks the potential of any multinational organisation’s data by allowing them to find, govern and access data in each country, in real time, fully compliant with relevant data sharing, privacy and governance rules.

The Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud is a single system of engagement that unifies data governance, data privacy, data catalogue, data lineage and data quality.

Chuck Teixeira, founder and CEO of WCKD RZR, said: “We are thrilled to be kicking off our new technology partnership with Collibra, which will double the benefits of data cataloguing and data enablement for existing and new customers around the world, particularly large global banks.

“Data Watchdog is now fully integrated with Collibra’s cataloguing and tagging features, and will enable multinational organisations to access all of their data wherever and whenever they want, fully compliant with the growing number of conflicting global rules. Our pioneering software will accelerate policy enforcement and governance through Collibra, while permitting access to data wherever it lives, in a datacentre or in the cloud.”

Global businesses often face a range of problems caused by conflicting data governance policies and authorisation controls in different locations and jurisdictions. If an organisation wants to fix its data estate by moving to a single, or multiple clouds or database management system, it can cost millions of dollars to do so. Often data is not labelled, properly catalogued, or can’t be found – and is subject to different regulations. These are all issues which WCKD RZR’s solution solves.

Stijn Christiaens, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Collibra, said: “We’re delighted to have WCKD RZR as a new partner. Their technology will bring a raft of additional benefits to our customers. Our partnership will enable new and existing customers to easily catalogue, find, govern and access all of their data using Collibra’s cataloguing and tagging features, now streamlined to work with WCKD RZR’s Data Watchdog solution.”

Data Watchdog will be available on the Collibra Marketplace.

The software is easily installed onto an organisation’s internal network allowing seamless access to your data. It begins to work within minutes, spidering and mapping all identified databases, using proprietary machine learning technology, auto-labelling the data so that it can be easily accessed by users.

Data Watchdog integrates with over 99% of database technologies such as MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, SQL Server, Google BigQuery, AWS Arena, MongoDB and many others.

Data Watchdog will help an organisation to understand their data estate, provide enterprise-wide policy enforcement via a unified set of data policies applied across all available databases.